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The intention of your fascial stretch is to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Taking your nervous system out of “fight or flight” from the everyday stresses to a parasympathetic state where your nervous system restores your body to a state of calm.

Overall Wellness

Our Soft Stretch technique supports a wide range of people, from the active parent to our Seniors wanting to stay ahead in life. The practice also serves an individual who is experiencing a high amount of stress and is seeking ways to get out of the fight of flight of the every day grind. This experience will allow you a moment to connect with yourself and leave feeling refreshed. Your body already wants to heal and refresh you - this practice supports you in getting there.

Active Lifestyle Individuals

Increasing flexibility and range of motion to allow you to continue to achieve your goals in your heath and fitness journey. When the Nervous system is unregulated or locked into a cycle of aggressive muscular and/or skeletal modalities it leads to future injuries - this soft stretch allows your nervous system to work directly with your fascia and muscular systems for a powerful you.

The Desk Job

Have you found yourself to be not as active as you once were? Our Soft Stretch technique supports sedentary workers from the body "lock up." Our aim is to allow your body to flow and prevent arthritis, poor circulation, muscle degeneration, and even help with anxiety through our techniques and creating movements.

The Parent

Lifting, Turning, Squatting and everything that comes with chasing after your littles, our bodies take a toll and we don't even realize it. We are transporting our active kids, traveling in the car, hauling groceries - even taking care of aging parents day in and day out - our Soft Stretch technique helps you stay on top of your families goals.

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