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Jessica Kersey owner of Mind Over Core

Jessica Kersey


As I look back on the last 10 years of my Healthy Active Lifestyle journey, it has taken me from a young, broke fitness youtube subscriber, to client, coach, and eventually Mom, Gym & Nutrition Club owner. Been a wild ride to say the least, watching the growth and experiencing so much life over the last 10 years – things I never dreamed of happening. I knew it was something different, something special, but never dreamed it would have grown into something like this. In 2018, I lost my husband Ryan in a tragic car accident. Sadly, I was now a widow left to mother my two young children alone. During this difficult time, I found solace and hope in the unlikeliest of places: my club. I am sure other people have experienced something similar, that this becomes something much larger for me than just the pursuit of health and wellness. The things I have learned and developed inside our walls truly transcend the idea of working out. It’s bigger than that, and I guess I could go as far as saying that you are really learning to develop yourself as a human being overall. Today, Mind Over Core, serves as a positive inspiration. It’s a place where everyone is welcome. Strength, Wellness, and Community are the three pillars of our business. Our team of expert coaches offer nutrition consults, personal training, and group fitness and an overall positive experience. I often say that “Nothing feels as good as a strong core.” Once you feel strong about who you are, your values, and your strengths you can accomplish anything.” My goal is to help others rediscover happiness by strengthening their body, mind, and spirit through nutrition and fitness. After having a baby, I was struggling to lose the extra weight. After losing 74 lbs, I was inspired and became involved in health and nutrition. Today I am on a mission to help people find easy solutions for balanced nutrition with today’s busy lifestyles. Better health and fitness don’t happen overnight. It’s a daily practice that starts with a decision and yearning for a healthy, strong, life. My work and guidance are rooted in mindfulness and using nutrition and fitness to become more in tune, connected, and aware of your well-being by practicing small daily actions that nourish your well-being. Today my passion for life and investing in others is stronger than ever. When I am not empowering others to find their inner strength, I spend time outdoors with my kids biking, hiking, camping and just having fun. This has been the ride of a lifetime, and I hope I can continue to teach half of what our community has taught me.

Emily Swartz coach at Mind Over Core

Emily Swartz


I am a mom of 3 beautiful girls and a wife of 15 years. Somewhere in there with all my responsibilities I lost myself so I decided to start my own fitness/health journey. I wanted to be healthy so I could have energy to run around with my kids and be an example for my family. In doing so I found out so much more about myself and my inner strength that I stepped back from my job as a hairstylist and became a personal trainer.

I am currently learning arm balances and inversions. This has been my personal favorite so far. I enjoy the mental challenge it brings as it forces me out of my comfort zone and to trust my body from not falling over. I am also a big believer that along with physical fitness there is a mental component as well to become healthy. If we show up for ourselves (or don’t show up) it all starts with our mind and I constantly learning how to strengthen my mentality.

I am passionate about helping others become healthier and stronger inside and outside. Life is journey and it’s up to you to make the most of it.

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